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Choosing The Proper Corset Style 

Decide your primary purpose for wearing a corset (fashion, fetish, back support, weight control, tummy control, better posture, romance and seduction?); it will determine the proper style. An underbust or cincher-style corset is most comfortable and easily for long periods of time. An Overbust style is best for foundational support for voluptuous figures. Inner boning is best to minimize thickness of the corset under lightweight dress materials or a business suit. Lining insures greater comfort and durability over time.
Initial Wearing
We don't recommend tight lacing until your corset has been "broken in". Gradually tightening your lacing will allow your corset to adjust to your body.
First  five times, lace only 1-2 inches and wear for 2 hours. Next five times, lace down only 2 inches and wear for 4 hours. Next five times, lace down only 2 inches and wear for 4 hours. Continue a similar pattern until the corset is closed (about 4 inches in six months is normal waist reduction; anything else may elevate risk of damage to corset or creating a protruding tummy.) Loosen laces in case of discomfort and try continue wearing it for a while longer.
Care Of Corset
Never share your corset with anyone as it molds to the shape of your body and can cause stress thus altering it when worn by another.
Never dress too quickly as you may inadvertently damage fabric or lace. Never yank on the lacing or tie it in front of corset as laces might rub fabric raw. Remember: corsets benefit from respectful treatment. Corsets should be dry cleaned only!! NEVER wash your corset in a machine or immerse in water as the steel boning will rust. If you absolutely must clean it, stains can be spot cleaned by using a damp cloth and mild soap
Add 30 minutes to dressing time if you have to lace yourself. Choose garments with padded shoulders and a fuller skirt to avoid puckering and to emphasize the waist. Put your corset on at least two hours you wish to achieve tight-lacing for a special occasion; start with a   inch reduction and proceed every 20 30 minutes to lace down one more half inch.
Remove garter straps and wear corset as a bustier or belt over a cocktail dress out to dinner, the opera or a party. Wear your corset to provide back support when traveling or lifting heavy objects. The more you wear your corset, the more comfortable it will become; listen to your body to determine the proper time to remove your corset. Once your waist has been reduce by six inches or more than the natural waist size, in order to keep it, you must maintain some degree of compression for 24 hours a day, using a smaller belt, cincher or ribbon corset. You may wish to carry a fan in case you need to cool off in closed quarters. Beware of smoky, crowded rooms with low ceilings, which can make corset wearing unpleasant. Beware of security metal detectors at airports; corset stays will set them off! You may explain to  guards that you wear an orthopedic back brace.   
When your corset is brand new, the boning will be stiff and sometimes uncomfortable. As you wear your corset regularly, the boning will mold itself to your body contours, and become more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Proper way to lace your Corset

1.        Lay the corset on a flat surface. Start the lace from the inside.

2.        Take the lace on the left side and cross it over to the right. Repeat this on the right side. The secret is to form an  X

3.        Repeat this until you reach the waistline of the corset, now you will create the puller-loop (follow the lacing picture) When you have reached #1skip down on opposite side to #2 from point #2 loop back though #3. From #3. Ship down to #4.

4.        Repeat this on the opposite side with the other lace.

5.        When the puller loops have been created. Repeat step two until you reach the bottom. Tie off the bottom lace.

All corsets are made in U.S.A.

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